FAA reveals 12-15 MAX crashes were likely as suppliers slash jobs

The FAA revealed that if the MAX had continued as it was they calculated another 15 crashes over its 30 year lifespan were inevitable. Almost 3,000 more people’s lives would have been lost through Boeing’s behaviour culture and it’s desire for profit over safety. Put that in context and its the same number as died in the 9-11 attacks in 2001.

With dozens of 737MAX fuselages laying around production has stopped and employees are being laid off across almost the entire production supply industry that feeds the 737MAX. Nobody knows when production will resume.

Spirit, who manufacture the fuselages have lost 52% of their monthly revenue from the stoppage.

The loss in production costs Boeing $1 billion per month in keeping open idle plants to resume production. The loss is so great that it will reduce US growth by 0.5% this year.