HiFly want more A380’s but have nowhere to fly them

HiFly’s business is a secondary operator that stands in when needed to fill gaps commercial airlines can’t manage themselves for any of a thousand reasons.

When asked if more A380’s were on the cards CEO Paulo Mirpuri was keen to say yes, but his problem is not having anywhere to fly them.

Only 140 airports globally have the capacity to manage an A380. Properly.

They should have a two deck boarding gate but that’s not essential. They do need wide enough taxi ways and reinforced parking at the gate to take the weight. Most airports simply don’t have the need or the resources to provide those facilities. Many don’t even have a wide body gate at all.

Major airlines at airports that regularly handle A380’s also operate upper deck catering wagons.

HiFly’s business is to be able to go anywhere at any time, and there’s not enough business to justify A380 airport to A380 in any quantity that makes a second aircraft viable.

It’s not that there isn’t demand for the aircraft, there’s plenty, just not from the right places to the right places.

HiFly have flown in and out of non-supportive airports but the cost and hassle is difficult to manage. It’s not a premium service when your embarking or disembarked on a bus and stairs.

Staff hauling catering up decks even with lifts is also time consuming, some vehicles just aren’t big enough, many don’t have enough buses for so many passengers.

So while HiFly have the means, the practicalities in their market are very different and the the disadvantage at least for now, outweighs the benefits of more.