Boeing 737MAX internal communications shock everyone

There are times when I see these reports I simply want to hide behind, something, anything and wish the whole Boeing saga and the MAX would just go away.

And then something else escapes the corporate gravity field that held it back for as long as it could, and you simply have to wonder how these people got through a day. IM and emails forced out of the company by Congressional investigations brought yet more shame.

Phrases like: “I hope God forgives me for the things I’ve done”. This was used by an engineer who blatantly plotted to mislead and manipulate FAA regulators.

“This aircraft was designed by clowns and overseen by monkeys”, said another.

One of Boeing’s chief aims was to avoid having to use a simulator to train pilots – because it didn’t want airlines to be put off ordering the aircraft by the extra training and simulator costs.

Their chief test pilot boasted of using “Jedi mind tricks” to convince the inspectors it would be unnecessary, stating that Boeing would “go face to face” with anyone at the FAA to prevent simulator training at any cost.

And the list goes on, and on. Few phrases are headline grabbing but the general plan is simple, lie to the FAA, manipulate results, to get MAX certified.

The company says it shouldn’t have happened, this isn’t what it’s about. And yet it did, on the MAX programme that we know of, and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that issues with the 787, especially over batteries and the quality issues at Charleston, likely have a similar background.

And With no 787 disasters nobody will ever know, let’s hope it stays that way. More to the point let’s hope Boeing have finally learnt their lesson.

I have learnt mine. I will NEVER fly on one of these aircraft. No amount of fixing or tweaking is ever going to make it right, because it’s fundamentally flawed down to its core.

Yes it’s an opinion, an emotional one perhaps not even mildly logical. I won’t risk myself or my family on one and that’s that.