Ukraine 737-800 Crash in Tehran needs urgent answers

Ukraine International Airlines 737-800NG UR-PSR’s crash yesterday, tragically killing 176 passengers and crew needs urgent answers.

It’s time for the international community – and that includes Iran – to put human safety above politics and give the relatives and families answers as to why their loved ones have died.

The aircraft was only just over three years old. The pilot and crew were described as highly experienced. The aircraft had just been through routine maintenance. It was said to be on fire. Iran has confirmed that there was no mayday or return request made to ATC.

Iran doesn’t have the technical capability and experience to manage an investigation of this nature, having been outside of the general aviation community for decades, largely because of US sanctions. They’re currently refusing to hand over the black boxes to The Ukraine or Boeing.

Canada has said it intends in pressing Iran heavily over the incident – 60 of the passengers were Canadian citizens coming back from a tourist trip.

Nobody is blaming anyone for what happened because nobody knows. Iran needs to put its politics and instincts to smother this aside and let international investigators in to find out what they can.

This is the third 737 crash in 18 months. There are many questions over components and construction across the range. And everyone needs answers, Boeing certainly does. Thousands of passengers fly in 737-800NG’s every day. They deserve to know if they are safe.