US Bans flights over much of Middle East, Ukraine 737 crashes in Tehran killing 179

Typical UI 737-800

The United States FAA yesterday announced a ban on US registered aircraft flying over Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, the Gulf of Oman and most of the Persian Gulf, in addition to the existing ban over Syria.

In effect this has little effect on US airlines, as other than freight companies like UPS and FedEx US based airlines long ago abandoned the area citing unfair competition.

However for those cargo carriers trying to get to Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia when flying from China and South Asia, it complicates matters, though overall volumes are low.

Much now depends on what the US does now that Iran has hit US airbases in Iraq, a highly predictable strike as Iraq is the only country powerless to argue over its sovereign territory being attacked.

Matters were complicated for civil aviation following the deaths of 179 passengers and crew on a Ukrainian 737-800 departing Tehran for Kiev.

It crashed, apparently on fire and there’s urgent need to ascertain the cause, which under current political conditions will be impossible.

The aircraft is relatively new and the airline, Ukraine International has none older than 7 years.