United cancels MAX to Mid-2020

United Airlines has posted schedules showing the Boeing 737MAX out of service until Mid-June 2020.

United so far are the only airline to push an in service dates so far out. Only Icelandair had taken theirs up to May, most operators had vacated the max from schedules until mid to late April.

With United doing this they obviously don’t feel that Boeing are going to have it re-certified and repaired, then have concluded a PR campaign to get people to fly on what’s being seen by some members of the public as a flying coffin.

The June schedule will have put the aircraft well past a year grounded, and while in many ways it will be the most studied and most tested aircraft in history by the time it returns, public confidence is minimal.

RyanAir recently said they had no intention of running PR and weren’t going to even tell people which type of aircraft they were on. As far they were concerned they only operate 737’s. United seem to want to treat their customers with a little more respect.