Air Caraibes takes delivery of first A350-1000: Airbus ex sales demonstrator

French based Air Caraibes has taken delivery of its first A350-1000, a bargain deal as it was Airbus’ ex-demonstrator. The aircraft was used for sales tours around the world, travelling as far as Auckland and various air shows, to let airlines see what they might be missing.

Now repainted the aircraft has continued with Air Caraibes somewhat stingy 10 across seating in economy – which is just 16.5″ wide. The airline was the first to take delivery of a 10-across A350.

The aircraft has 24 Business class lay-flat seats, 45 premium economy and 360 in standard economy.

It’s not unusual for airlines to take delivery of ex-test and demo aircraft. Boeing sold most of its original 22 787 demo and test build aircraft to airlines at bargain discounts. They were overweight and unwanted until the price was right. Some ended up with Air New Zealand for instance.