AirBaltic steps into the A220-500 concept dicussion

Three Airlines have now said they see the ideal of an A220-500 as a desirable option.

Airbus haven’t ruled it out but with Swiss, AirFrance and now soon to be all A220 fleeted AirBaltic, has said it to is interested in the idea.

The increase in seating capacity is one that starts to move the A220-500 close to the A320 and while Airbus seems OK with it eclipsing the poor selling A319 and effectively discontinued A318, it’s not so keen on cannibalising sales of one for the other when it comes close to the A320.

So the question for Airbus now is do they look at possibly 100 sales, maybe 150 over the A220’s lifespan for a stretch and is it economically viable and profitable enough to risk?