Has Qantas killed the 777-8? Repercussions of their choice are clear.

The blow for Boeing was a hard one though I doubt it’s had time to really think about it.

There’s no doubt that another dozen 777-8 orders would have helped keep the variant alive, because right now it’s barely on life support.

With so few on order – only Emirates and Qatar have any, and Qatar is publicly looking at transferring those to 777-9’s, leaving just 20 with Emirates. And Emirates won’t want to be the only operator.

The chances of the 777-8 moving forward are thin. Boeing might have said it will but that means nothing. Low orders that look set to plunge to zero? There’s no way Boeing will waste time and energy – and mostly money – on something that isn’t going to make any.

The Qantas decision is a massive victory for Airbus, one they’ve long needed.

Yes, for now it’s 12 aircraft and that’s not vast- but this is just the first order. It’s perfectly possible Qantas will add more if the market is there. Other airlines will be waiting in the wings. Virgin Atlantic, BA, AirFrance, Lufthansa could all be thinking about the routes open to them.

And what about Delta or American and even United? One has A350’s another has them on order still. The possibility of passing by their Middle Eastern rivals? It has to sound tempting. None of the US majors will move though until others make it case proven.

It may well do Boeing good to dump the 777-8, it’s problems with the MAX are far from over, repercussions will go on for all of 2020. The NMA, so called 797-X? Or a 737 replacement? These are Boeing’s big concerns. Longer term they have to think of replacing the 787, already 70% through its order book.

This is just one area where Boeing haven’t won, and it’s not really that huge a deal. Just move on and deal with the real issues the company faces.