FAA: 737MAX will not be re-certified this year


Steve Dickson, head of the FAA told CNBC this morning that the 737MAX will not be re-certified in 2019, and there was every chance it could be February 2020 came across in the implications.

If so, that’s scuppered completely Boeing’s time frame and many of its airline customers will be forced to exclude it from their respective schedules at least until the end of April and possibly longer.


Dickson said there were 10 to 11 different items that needed to be dealt with before the process would be completed.

Tens of thousands of hours of work and testing will be required to individually re-certify the existing fleet of deliveries and the hundreds more Boeing have been churning out of Renton waiting to be delivered. If Boeing is going to catch up it seems almost certain its going to have to sow production – even for a couple of months, just to keep the numbers under control.