Boeing: fined by FAA over 737NG, Wing repairs taking 3000 hours

Boeing’s troubles seem to be endlessly self inflicted and every one of them reveals how the company changed from being about building first rate safe product, to maximising profit at every opportunity.

The FAA has fined the company what amounts in Boeing terms to pocket change – under $3.9m for knowingly supplying faulty parts on 737NG’s, mostly related to the wing repairs on the aircraft.

Meanwhile the infamous 737NG pickle fork fix – which requires substantial structural work to repair because its literally part of the wing root, is taking far longer to rectify than anyone expected.

Qantas reported that it’s taking them 3,000 man hours per aircraft – that’s 125 working days. All in it’s costing around US$3 million per unit to repair.

You can almost feel another compensation claim coming on!