Norwegian dumps Argentina in another failed venture

It’s all over for Norwegian Airlines Argentina, the company has sold off its South American based subsidiary to JetSMART.

Only established at considerable expense in October 2018, the idea was to use under-utilised 738’s from the north and use them in the southern summer to maintain full fleet utilisation. However it’s never had the aircraft numbers with the MAX fiasco.

On top of that Argentina is in the middle of yet another economic meltdown and it’s been impossible to make money on the 8 cities served by the operation based in Buenos Aries.

While all of this seems like it’s not the airlines fault, it really is. Argentina as a market is little understood and its economy is a roller coaster ride for Argentinians, never mind inexperienced external airlines. Currency issues alone would have dissuaded everyone else from even starting down this road.

However, it’s a positive step and one more element of Bjørn Kos fantasy legacy has been laid to rest, letting Norwegian move on.