Mystery airline orders 4 A330-800’s

In one go the number of orders for the A330-800 rose by 40% – from 10 to 14.

The aircraft was ordered by a so far unnamed airline and there’s a lot of interest in who it might be.

The smallest of the pair of A330neo’s the A338 has been universally ignored, despite the fact the predecessor A332 actually sold really well.

It’s larger A339 sister has sold over 400 but only Kuwait has ordered 8 A338’s and Uganda and other 2.

The A338 is very much focused on longer range travel as was the A332.

There has also been something of a glut in A330 availability in the used market but that still doesn’t fully explain why the A338 has done so poorly.

Most of it seems to be it’s simply not quite good enough. It’s too expensive, it’s not as qualified as a 787 in economy terms and there’s nothing special enough about it to make it uniquely attractive.