Boeing threatens 737 shutdown without certification

Boeing was playing its long game again yesterday, this time threatening that 737MAX production would be slowed down or halted temporarily if certification didn’t come soon.

The FAA has said it won’t be rushed.

The US stock exchange and the SEC asked (rather conveniently) for guidance on Boeing’s cash and profit forecasts and while it pointed out long term it wasn’t worried it suggested short term issues.

Now this is entirely political. Boeing’s stock price drives the US stock market prices higher, Trump sees part of his imagined economic success as based on the valuations on the stock market, so if it drops because Boeing’s share price falls it makes Trump look bad in an election year. This is pressure on the administration to press the FAA to move faster.

Also, Boeing exports most of what it makes so delayed deliveries and production will make the US trade deficit worse, as Boeing won’t be paid, something else that rattles Trump personally.

Anyone in any normal administration wouldn’t be worried, but Trump takes these things personally and Boeing knows it. They expect him to pressure the FAA as a result.