Nigerian Supreme Court orders seizure of Emirates 777 over cancelled ticket

Back in 2007 an Emirates customer purchased a US $2700 ticket for a flight from Lagos to Dubai and on to New York.

For no reason that was given at the time, she was denied boarding and told the ticket had been cancelled.

She made her way to New York via London, forced to buy a new ticket at $3200 on a different airline the next day.

She took Emirates to court and won. Emirates appealed and she lost the appeal. It finally reached the Supreme Court after 12 years and they overturned the appeal reinstating the original customer victory – with all costs it mounted to $22,000.

Emirates were also told if they didn’t pay within 30 days – now nearly expired – the court gave permission to seize a 777 and sell it to get the money, and that Emirates would have to pay the costs for the seizure and storage of the aircraft.

Emirates have so far not paid and have never given a reason as to why the original ticket was cancelled without a refund.

It’s expected they’ll push the process to the limit before paying up, or they just don’t believe an aircraft will be seized.

Emirates fly twice daily to Lagos in Nigeria with 777-300ER’s.