Boeing 777-9 “ripped apart during stress test”

777X Flight Test Engine Install_3

A month or so ago Boeing admitted it had suffered a disappointing failure of a cargo door during pressure testing on the fuselage of the new 777-9. That was the official line but the truth turns out to have been much more scary.

This now it ‘turns out didn’t actually happen’ cargo door issue was serious enough in itself and many were worried about what it said for the way the aircraft had been developed.

Today things got far worse as The Seattle Times revealed photos of the fuselage – showing it literally ripped apart during the test. this is what actually happened, the cargo door story was spin.

The test aircraft is said to be a total write off, the skin ripped open behind the wing.

Photo from Seattle Times

The damage occurred at 1% below the point mandated for FAA compliance, close enough that Boeing will be able to prove that strengthening the area would prevent it from happening and therefore not requiring it to be retested.

Some might say that that is just a bit too convenient and saves Boeing a whole lot of money and time, typical of the prior relationship that caused so much trouble with the 737MAX.