AirFrance retires first A380

AirFrance has retired its first A380 F-HPJB. The process will see all of them retired before the end of 2022.

The aircraft was flown from Paris after returning from Johannesburg, to AeroCosmetics in Malta.

Arriving in Malta for repaint prior to return to lead or

The aircraft will be painted all white and retuned to Dr Peters Leasing whose investments in A380’s seem to have been a massive mistake financially. So far only one has been sold on and all of the others are lined up for dismantling. The first was declared fully recycled last week.

The U.K. Airbus facility at Broughton in North Wales also said last week that it expects to deliver the final set of A380 wings around June next year.

Only 11 A380’s are left to be delivered – one for ANA and ten for Emirates. Production ends in mid 2021.