Boeing reveals 737 MAX 10

The largest of the MAX family has been revealed, the 737 MAX 10 – the first test aircraft will take to the skies next year.

Boeing has 550 orders for the 230 seat aircraft.

They claim it has the lowest cost per seat kilometre of any single aisle, but it’s lack of range hasn’t made it as popular as the A321 family.

Another odd quirk of the MAX 9 & 10 is that the tail section is so long it potentially unbalances the aircraft centre of gravity when on the ground during loading, and they come with a tail stand to prevent it tipping backwards.

The list price of a MAX 10 is $135m as opposed to $99m for the 7, $122m for an 8, €125m for the -200 (used by RyanAir), and $130m for the 9.

Range wise the MAX 10 is the lowest in the family at 3,300 nautical miles. Compared to 4,000 nautical miles on the A321neo and 4,700 on the A321XLR,