‘We’ll put 777-9 through hell on Earth before taking delivery’

Emirates and Qatar may not be allowed to talk to each other as the blockade of the later continues, but they both have one BIG issue with aircraft manufacturers: Quality and reliability.

It’s been made crystal clear by Emirates that the 777-9, each and every one of them – some 120 – is going to be put through rigorous, unrelenting testing before it will be accepted into service and paid for.

The airline has made it crystal clear to Boeing that it simply isn’t prepared to accept one aircraft that doesn’t meet fuel burn, engine reliability and range specifications.

It’s also not prepared to accept internal and external fit and finish issues, and there will be no fixing things post delivery.

In essence, the aircraft will have to be 100% from day one or it will sit, unpaid for until Boeing resolve every last issue.

There are always more problems with new types of aircraft but the same will be applied to the 787-9 and -10 orders, as well as the Airbus A350’s.

One of the things that has upset most airlines with the A380 has been the depressing lack of reliability of its engines. The Engine Alliance version has been especially problematic, but Rolls Royce has been little better.

So, the big airlines have had enough. But it has to be said they seem impervious to arguments that engine manufacturers need longer to develop properly, the engines they want to be so reliable.

It’s the pressure to deliver new aircraft that’s forcing engine manufacturers to rush development to a point of relatively low “commercial acceptance” – the point where it’s just OK to put into service, but development is still ongoing.

That point, if measured on a scale has dropped from being around 8.5/10 to around 7/10 – the cost has been endless problems with in service engines on A320neo, A220, and 737MAX, never mind the 787 Trent-1000 issues.

The airlines seem to have reached the point where they’ve had enough but as always, point the finger at the manufacturers to do better without doing anything to give them the time they need.