747 production to end ‘soon’ as fuselage plant closes



The future of the 747, already now being produced only in freighter form in tiny numbers, is now almost certain to end in the immediate future. The company that manufactures the fuselage parts in California, Triumph Aeronautics, is to close down on December 6th.

The close down process is so advanced that an auction has already been held to dispose of some of the plants equipment.


The plant in Hawthorne California and another in Torrence are both being shut and according to an inside source, sold off for redevelopment. The Torrence plant was involved in manufacturing key electronic equipment for a number of civil and defence projects.

With only 18 unbuilt aircraft on order, all freighters, and not one order so far during 2019, there’s only around 18-22 months of orders left to fill.  The Triumph plant is believed to have produced enough fuselage parts to fulfil existing orders and no more.

It simply wouldn’t be worth Boeing producing the parts itself, the cost is simply prohibitive for such small numbers.