Emirates slash 777-9 order

The price of the 787-9 order has come as a plaster over the savage wound of the deep cut the airline made in its record braking order of 777-9’s.

Thirty 787-9’s ordered and thirty 777-9’s cut.

There’s no way Boeing are going to be happy about this regardless of the spin. It’s actually worse than the 39 A380 being dumped for 50 A359’s. The Airbus deal put them financially ahead, the Boeing deal is almost a slap in the face. The estimate is a good $5 billion down.

So now we’re facing a very different Emirates fleet in ten years time.

By then it will consist of 777-9’s A359’s, possibly A35K’s, 787-10’s and 787-9’s. On top of that residual A380’s – around 40, and even A339’s. The 773ER fleet will be mostly history by 2029.

This will be a very different airline in ten years from the two aircraft types we see now.