Emirates orders more 787’s

Well the press briefing was not quite as remarkable as was expected.

Emirates have ordered 30 787-9’s, but…and here’s the caveat, most of these will be deducted from the 777-8/9 total but that is still under discussion as to how that will work out.

What does seem likely is that the 777-8 will be the one to suffer most. If it does, it looks like it’s dead.

The first aircraft will be delivered in 2023. It certainly shows how very differently Emirates are the next twenty years as it departs a two type fleet model for smaller, long range aircraft.

On the sidelines Tim Clarke, CEO, said that with the A380 gone as new from 2021, the airline is looking at some serious network changes. The 777-9 is in effect now the A380 replacement, and they’re even looking at A350-1000’s for the future. There’s no doubt that Emirates post 2023 future is going to be very different from the past ten years.