Hong Kong flights slashed as passenger numbers drop

Hong Kong’s seemingly endless but entirely understandable protests, have started to seriously impact the airline and airport business of the city, which is now in a recession.

Passenger numbers dropped 13% in October – cumulative totals are around 30% year on year according to some estimates.

The number of flights dropped by 6% in October alone and all operators are reporting lower seat utilisation.

Chinese domestic airlines are slashing flights and reducing aircraft size from A330’s for example to 738’s.

Several Chinese airlines have cancelled routes from major cities altogether.

Major international links to Jakarta and Denpasar have been cut back to just two a week.

Emirates hasn’t cut frequencies but it has reduced the aircraft it uses to 777’s from A380’s.

Even Qantas has cut its A380 operations and is using one of its remaining 744’s.

Some of the other major airlines – and there are many more – have cut services drastically. Air Canada, United, ANA and Asiana lead the pack.