Etihad cuts more 787’s from order

Aiming to bury bad news with good news, Boeing yesterday announced a partnership with Etihad to develop allegedly ‘greener’ operations with a “787 Greenliner”. Quite what it will really achieve is doubtful.

The real news is that the airline has added more cuts to a list of cuts that have mostly fallen on Boeing.

They cut their 25 777-9 order to 6 back in January. They cut 42 A350’s to 20, them said they wanted to slow down 787 deliveries.

Now they’ve decided to actually cut the order for 787’s, and are discussing how many with Boeing, it’s said to be 20 aircraft.

And let’s not forget the A350-1000’s clown straight into storage this year.

But, as their CEO said, the 787 will represent 50% of their fleet and that’s a big percentage for any airline.

The airline has had a disastrous few years. Its partnership buy-ins with Alitalia and AirBerlin, Darwin and JetAirways all ended in bankruptcy and financial wreckage.

The airline lost $4.8 billion – and would have been bankrupt if it wasn’t government owned. It’s cut is freight arm to the bone, fired pilots and crews and cut back on almost everything it can.

Even first class is being dropped on many aircraft. The airline is scaling back, no longer trying to compete with Emirates and Qatar, simply providing what’s needed for the needs of Abu Dhabi.