Airlines: Disgusting seats, undrinkable water

There’s been a plethora of reports on European and US airlines relating to cleanliness, but even more worrying, the standard of the drinking water.

The worst airlines for general cleanliness are no surprise. They’re all the ULCC types who give crews the job and don’t employ cleaning staff.

The crew have maybe 15 minutes to pack away 180 seats of detritus and make the aircraft presentable before the next load of passengers boards.

Don’t be surprised to find that of the Western airlines monitored, RyanAir won hands down with the low hygiene and disgusting trays and seats awards.

That ULCC’s are down at that level isn’t really a surprise. You pay next to nothing for a ticket and that’s what you’re going to get.

What is a shock is that very, very, few airlines – and they’re not who you’d expect, have water that is actually safe to drink.

When they say safe – they mean not just the bathroom tap but the onboard teas and coffees.

Some were described as so poor they were a danger to health. Many of the water supplies were so contaminated they were too dangerous to even wash your hands in.

It’s a worry when the one thing you should do every time – especially when using a communal facility on an aircraft is more likely to make you sick than save you!

Surprise poor water suppliers included JetBlue, United, American and Delta. Out of all US airlines only three were found to have acceptable water hygiene standards: Alaska, Allegiant, and Hawaiian. Piedmont, an American subsidiary managed the highest score out of 5 at 4.3. None of the other high scores got past 3.3 out of 5!

The US has a law passed in 2011 that requires a specified level of water cleanliness – but almost nobody is able to make it happen and enforcement is non-existent.

If the major US airlines can’t make standards what about the European, Japanese and Australians – you’d like to think most first world airlines would have access to quality water supplies?

In a few weeks time we should find out. I’m told there are some really shocking results to come…