Airbus in talks with GE over A350neo

It’s been revealed that Airbus held talks in October with GE for a potential advanced GEnx-1 engine for a future A350neo.

The aircraft will be the second generation of the type due for deployment in the second half of the 2020’s.

Airbus are keen to get ahead with the initial concept so that a fully proven design has been agreed, produced and fully developed before entering service.

Lack of development in engines has been a big issue in the last few years and time makes all the difference.

Airbus are also likely to discus the next engine with current supplier Rolls-Royce, but they’ve been having problems with development on their next engine based in the Trent-1000.

The new engine is so complex Rolls have run into major issues. The decision to keep only 25% of the parts common to the current engine has caused more problems.