Finnair to pick single aisle fleet replacement in 2020

Finnair is looking at the complete replacement of its single aisle fleet during 2020-25 and will make a decision early next year.

The announcement was made with a raft of measures aimed at carbon emission reductions and amelioration programmes.

Finland is suffering noticeably as an northern country, from climate change, with huge changes to its arctic regions and warming on an unprecedented scale damaging pine forests, and northern permafrost disappearing at an alarming rate, as it is across all of northern Russia, Alaska and Canada.

The airline is to invest in carbon capture, biofuels and electric aircraft, as well as more practical immediate ways of reducing emissions.

Finnair said its new fleet will mostly be replacement but it does expect to grow up to 5% capacity a year.

Having almost finished the acquisition of a fleet of A359’s (14 operational with 1 due soon) it now runs in addition:

8 x A333, 19 x A321, 10 x A320, 8 x A319 and 12 x ERJ190.

The A321’s range from 1 to 20 years old. The A320’s are 14-17 years old and the A319’s 15-20 years old. The ERJ’s are 7-11 years.

Relatively speaking the short haul fleet is quite elderly compared to some of the larger operators.