Boeing’s bad year gets worse with shrinking order book

Boeing’s October delivery total showed it was at around 270 while Airbus was over 620.

Even worse, after being told it had to rebalance it’s order book to accurately show its current status, it’s on -95 for the year, with Airbus on over +500.

These figures are for the most part pretty pointless, but they do underline quite what an impact the 737MAX saga has had.

Deliveries stopped, yet production has gone on at 42 per month – meaning that 374 grounded aircraft already delivered will be going back into service and around 420 will be delivered next year within 3-4 months, on top of the 42 per month still being manufactured.

By December next year the 737MAX will be showing close to 1000 deliveries.

Quite what that means for an already saturated market for low cost seats world wide has yet to be seen.

Allowing for 190 seats on average per aircraft that’s 190,000 new seats on the market. Average that by four flights per aircraft per day x 350 operating days a year and that’s 266 million new airline seats in service by January 2021. Never mind the Airbus deliveries!