KLM adds more Embraer E2 as it firms up it’s order

KLM has added 6 more aircraft to its E2 order making the total 21 firm and 14 options.

The company has operated Embraer for some time and the aircraft suits the CityHopper brand well.

The aircraft have the ideal configuration and range to link regional cities in Europe to the Amsterdam hub, very useful for both KLM and Delta connections to long haul destinations.

KLM CityHopper’s success is especially noticeable in counties like the U.K. where multiple regional destinations often make it easier to connect with Amsterdam than London.

The order is worth $2.5 billion and continues KLM’s almost continuous line of pro-Boeing purchasing, while AirFrance has remained dominated by Airbus.

Boeing’s completion of its Embraer civil business and transformation into Boeing Brazil has been delayed until into 2020.

The Brazilian parliament and some parts of the government are still not happy about handing the business to Boeing, but little seems likely to prevent it at present.

Boeing is said to be concerned that if the present very right wing government is voted out it could see the return of a left wing government inclined to nationalise the company and bring it back into Brazilian ownership.