Qantas to be Co2 neutral in 31 years time?

This is the sort of headline that sounds like greenwashing because it is.

Qantas think it’s going to take them 31 years – until 2050 to become carbon neutral. That’s the point where it’s emitting Co2 but offsetting those emissions with various programmes so that what goes up is absorbed in equal measure.

The point at which it thinks its emissions should be pegged – is 2005. Already a point in the advance of climate change considered to be way past the safe point.

Yes it is a plan – but the whole thing, and this is what airlines and industry don’t seem to understand – is that to a new generation of millennials and those ever growing numbers in the climate protests – it’s basically doing next to nothing thirty years too late. The pace of climate change is increasing and in 31 years Qantas’s actions will make no difference at all.

Australians are facing some of the worst brush fires in history as I type this. Super high temperatures, high winds, no rain, and it’s not even summer yet.

This type of greenwashing is the airlines answer to climate change. At least they’re doing something, and it’s more than most. Yet it’s obviously not enough.

It’s very likely governments – especially in the EU will move far faster and harder. A wide ranging aviation Co2 tax is getting considerable support and could well be introduced before 2021. If the EU does it, others will follow.