Boeing to focus on safety at Dubai

It almost seems slightly disingenuous that Boeing should focus on safety at the Dubai Air Show that starts next week.

We all know about the 737MAX, then there’s been the 787 engine issues, the now partly forgotten battery issues, another recent one with emergency oxygen tanks, and ongoing issues at the Charleston plant. The 777-9 engine problems and the issues around structural integrity in the test aircraft, are just a few.

Let’s not forget the issues around the 767F and the KC46 tanker – where continuous problems over quality and finish have seen the USAF decline deliveries.

Even so, safety is on the agenda.

Boeing’s Dreams Take Flight 787 will be there along with an Emirates 777. There’s also going to be a VR 777-X and a partial mock up.

What we all need to know is who will buy the two aircraft that really need a boost – is there going to be a 737MAX order? Is there going to be a new order for the 777-9? Does the 777-8 have a future?

And of course the 797-X. Will Boeing offer any more news on its intentions? Qatar, Qantas and Delta have all said they’re interested.

Airbus and Boeing will both have something to shout about. I suspect Boeing will want another BA style MAX order to get confidence back in the type – big surprises are the stock in trade of shows like these.