Lufthansa cuts 777-9 order

Lufthansa has announced that its cut its definite order for 777-9 from 34 to 20, potentially costing Boeing $6.5 billion in orders.

While it hasn’t cancelled the aircraft completely, it’s out them into the options column, with a stark warning that it was unlikely to see the need for the aircraft.

Lufthansa also confirmed it doesn’t expect to see the aircraft until 2022. On Friday British Airways also said it didn’t expect to see their first four until the same year.

Lufthansa has been reviewing its fleet strategy and just doesn’t see the long haul growth in the 777-9 segment it did before, and there are indications that given time and a successful launch, the A350-1000ULR is far more likely to be on its shopping list.

The news came on a day for Boeing that saw the first 777-9 engine damaged while being installed on the test aircraft, and Southwest admit it won’t be flying the MAX until April.