British Airways: keeps A380, squeezes 772’s, 777-9 by 2022

The always amusing IAG capital markets day revealed as it always does, gems about BA’s future plans.

The A380 – all 12 are going nowhere you’ll be glad to know.

BA purchased all 12 so they see it as a capital asset and a 30 year lifespan. They’ll not be going anywhere any time soon.

The 747 phase out by 2023 remains on schedule provided the 777-9’s arrive – the first 8 of them are due in 2022.

But the news economy passengers will just groan over: more 777-2’s are going to be fitted with 10-across seating, squeezing just that bit more room and profit out of the cheap seats. Dress it up how you like fares won’t cost less, comfort goes down and flying economy becomes just one more endurance test.