RyanAir grounds 737NG’s with cracks

RyanAir has admitted it’s grounded three 737-800’s so far, that have been discovered with pickle fork frame cracks.

That brings the total of grounded aircraft to over 50 and there are still hundreds awaiting inspection.

The original FAA mandate was that all aircraft over 30,000 hours had to be inspected within 7 months and that’s now understood to have been lowered to 22,600 hours after Qantas discovered the issue that much sooner.

The problem for Boeing and airlines is it’s another 737 issue and it’s those infamous numbers that get into the public’s perception and damage the brand.

When you think that Airbus A320neo engines and similar units on the A220, have had some seriously bad news and issues recently, it just isn’t getting into the public consciousness in the same way. Of course nobody has died, and the cynicism of the manufacturer hasn’t been an issue either.