WOW to become PLAY

Wow, here we go again. The defunct Iceland based WOW is about to become PLAY.

The new owners are aiming to begin operations before the end of the year with a pair of A320’s running to Europe. Somewhere.

And they want to specialise in cargo as well as well as passengers. OK.

And they expect to have 6 aircraft and be running to Washington DC by March. Maybe.

The first 1000 tickets at launch will be free. Allegedly.

The airline has investors. It has access to ex-WOW staff, it has ‘experienced’ managers (ex-WOW). Yet…it has something of the not quite believable about it. It’s hard to put your finger on what seems to be out of kilter here.

Will it get off the ground. Yes, will it last? Not if it’s strangely vague air of unreality stays as it is.

It’s almost like wishing it happens makes it so. I’m not certain about this airline. WOW was always doomed, I said so and of course got shouted down time after time. It’s instinct that tells you something is wrong. Expanding at break neck speed with no plan as to how it’s going to work might have been a giveaway.

Catapulted along by larger than life CEO’s – you know the types, either good looking and charismatic or overwhelmingly ebullient and unstoppable, it’s happened from Freddie Laker to Air Australia and WOW, Norwegian teeters on the brink but may have saved itself by ditching Bjorn Kjos just in time.

Few one man ego trips ever made it. Virgin Atlantic was always portrayed as one but was based on real business acumen, and it’s still here.

Press PLAY..and hope for the best.