A ban on private jets if Labour wins U.K. election no

Britain’s Labour Party is proposing a ban on all fossil fuelled private jet travel by 2025 if it wins the election.

The policy is based on the environmental impact of the flights, which on a per passenger basis are estimated to be 150 times higher than an economy flight to an equal destination.

Labour has a target on the backs of the super rich and the big corporates in general, as part of its 1970’s socialism, but seems to have no idea about the impact of such a move on London’s airports or their employment.

Some 15,000 private flights a year go in and out of Luton, another 11,000 at Stanstead and as many 5,000 from other airports around the country.

There is a considerable infrastructure around the business at Luton and Stanstead supporting several thousand jobs and external suppliers.

The simple application of what constitutes a private flight could become even more complicated when it comes to the sovereign owners of huge private jets like the 748i’s used by several Gulf states for example. Many of them have a wide range of other aircraft and London is a top destination.

While private flying is indeed an environmental issue, the impact of such a ban would be disastrous to the overall economy and the business it supports.

By all means support and develop alternative fuels and power sources – accelerate the introduction of newer aircraft types through technologies and investment – but an outright ban is simply a populist joke that will do more harm than good. It’s ill thought out and counterproductive.