India gives IndiGo 13 weeks to replace 196 Neo engines

Pratt&Witney’s troubles came home to roost at IndiGo yesterday, as India’s DGCA issued instructions that all 196 engines on its aircraft must be replaced by January 31st.

It’s an incredibly tight time line if not impossible. Any aircraft without a replaced engine on that day will be grounded until the work is done.

This follows a fourth incident in one week related to the same engine type:

On Wednesday, IndiGo A320neo, operating as 6W-862 saw engine 1 stall and experience high vibration while climbing through 10,000 feet. Crew reduced thrust of this engine to idle and vibration reduced. The affected engine was not shut down in flight. The aircraft returned to land safely in Kolkata and is grounded there.”

Once again it seems the infamous third stage low pressure turbine was to blame.

On October 23rd, 24th and 25th three different aircraft all suffered similar issues.

The flight hours where this starts are 2,900 and all four of those aircraft reached that over those dates.

Indigo says it’s working closely with P&W and Airbus to solve the problem.

Impacts on its schedule will be inevitable at some stage.