Helvetic get their first E2

Swiss airline Helvetic, which retired its last Fokker 100 a few months ago, has acquired its first Embraer E2.

The airline operates 8 aircraft for Swiss on wet lease on flights that don’t require an aircraft as big as the A220-100/300, now the smallest aircraft in the Swiss fleet since the end of BAe146 operations.

Typically for example, Helevetic will fly part routes such as Zurich-Birmingham on quiet days or times of day, and Swiss will operate the A220-100/300 on busier days/times.

The airline also has two aircraft wet leased to Lufthansa at Munich.

There have been some quality concerns over the E2 – Wideröe, the launch operator, has complained about shoddy interior finishes for example. However Helvetic report that there have been improvements and concerns are waning.