VietJet order A321XLR

Airbus have confirmed an order from VietJet for 20 A321XLR’s, another success for an aircraft type some felt was a little too long ranged to be practical.

15 aircraft are additions with 5 more converted from the airlines A320neo order.

What with an order for 30 from Air Asia X, 50 from American Airlines, 3 from Czech, 4 from MEA, 10 from Cebu Pacific, 13 from JetBlue, 20 from Wizz, 18 from JetSmart, a total of 153 have been ordered in just 4 months.

The first deliveries are due in 2023.

The aircraft is rapidly being seen as the long range 757 alternative. Even more so as Boeing’s woes leave it dithering over the 797-X or a revamped 767 – never mind that despite the orders for the MAX, the type really needs a new design from the ground up and a rebrand.