‘Replace Neo engines or face groundings’ India tells airlines

Indian authorities have told IndiGo and GoAir to replace the engines on all A320neo’s that have more than 3,000 hours on them in 15 days – or face groundings of their fleets.

The Directorate General of Commercial Aviation, DGCA, said that in the past three years Indian airlines alone had suffered 15 in-flights shutdowns, aborted takeoffs, or return to origin incidents.

IndiGo had already cancelled the Pratt&Witney Leap engine it originally chose and swapped to the CFM for all later aircraft – a deal that cost P&W the loss of $2 billion.

P&W do have a fix for the low pressure turbine issues and a deal for other related problems, but the DGCA has gotten tired of the time involved and to its credit, is putting safety first.

IndiGo will have to have 29 aircraft out of service – the DGCA says each one must have at least one updated modified engine.

With 200 aircraft IndiGo will be able to manage it more effectively but loosing 13 out of 54 for GoAir is going to be a problem.

Replacing and testing engines in 15 days on so many aircraft is going to be exceptionally difficult .