Icelandair: MAX not back in service until March

Icelandair is about to post smaller losses than expected, but said yesterday it was not scheduling its operations for the aircraft type again until March at the earliest.

Icelandair has five 737-8’s and one 737-9 currently idle.

The losses are expected to be between $35-55m, considerably lower than the recent $70m loss the airline reported.

Icelandair is facing considerably less competition at present with the ending of WOW, although it is about to come back as a small low cost airline in the new year.

Icelandair has reached a legal settlement with Boeing – almost certainly hefty discounts on aircraft that at present haven’t yet been delivered.

The airline has said nothing recently about its future fleet plans – the 737 MAX was not really intended as a 757 replacement but to enable it to compete on longer thinner routes.

Rumour continues to rumble that the A321XLR is high on the list of real 757 replacements for the airline, as Boeing simply has nothing to match it.