United joins the StarWars liveries rush

I can claim to be one of those people who back in 1977 spent 2 hours in a line waiting to get into see StarWars – it was just that then, the secondary titles came later.

So it’s with some emotion and no little anticipation that the 9th and final of the “original” storyline films is finally, almost here. It’s only taken 42 years.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, impacted our imaginations and lives more than that original film. Nobody had seen anything even remotely like it before. I makes me sad that little will ever impress millennials and their progeny as much as that did us.

Nobody painted their aircraft then, nobody sponsored it, nobody had a clue how big it would be.

Now you can’t move for liveries and sponsorship and Disney are making every last dime out of it they can.

United are making a big deal of this one aircraft and its travels around the US, so if you’re at any of the United hubs in the coming months – you will see it!