787 Production cut in 2020 with no new orders in sight


There aren’t any new orders and with the 787 due to run out of production by December 2022, at the current rate of 14 per month, Boeing have decided to cut the production rate. This suggests that Boeing isn’t expecting any big orders from anyone at the Dubai Air Show in November.

The total will be cut to 12 per month, in December next year.

Based on that figure, the remaining order book of unfilled 787’s by December 2020 will be 388 – creating a 33 month backlog at 12 per month – extending the last delivery to September 2023. Unless there are significant new orders for the type another cut in production to ten per month seems inevitable. Below that level operating two assembly plants starts to become unviable.

Boeing opted for an exceptionally high delivery rate on the type to maximise its profits and cash flow, with little real thought as to when the end of the line would actually materialise. Production quality at Charleston has come in for frequent and severe criticism, with Qatar refusing to take delivery of Charleston built aircraft.

Currently, Boeing has delivered 894 aircraft, 364 788’s, 492 789’s, 38 787-10’s. 2018 was it’s peak year with 145 deliveries, most 788’s on order have already been delivered, with just four this year, representing 364 of 425 orders.

38 of 196 787-10’s have been delivered and 492 of 829 787-9’s.