Korean Air last 744 flight in November

Korean Air 747-400 HL7461 (84)(Apr) LHR (KDB)(46)-420x280

Korean has extended its last flights of the 744 to November 2019.

Their last flight is now scheduled for Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia) to Seoul Incheon on November 19th.  Only two aircraft remain in passenger service, although the airline does operate freighters and ten 748i passenger aircraft.

Korean operated the 742, 743 and 744 over the last forty years and has mixed feelings about its 748i’s, which have been less than fully reliable. Many were delayed for wing flutter issues and have proven to be less than ideally economical.


The 748i’s were really a result of US and Boeing pressure to buy the aircraft in conjunction with a trade deal and defence programme offsets.

In any event it’s one more airline to add to the avalanche of 744 withdrawals over the past seven years. they started properly back in 2012 when Singapore Airlines phased theirs out, and have grown relentlessly ever since.