Is this the end for the 777-8? Qatar looks to adjust its order

Qatar Airways has made it public that with the demise of their A380 fleet by the end of 2024, they’re looking at swapping their 777-8 order for 777-9’s.

If they do this, reducing the total on order to a level that’s arguably not ideally sustainable for a single airline of their size anyway – it makes the future of the 777-8 very dubious.

Boeing has already delayed the 777-8 to 2022 then delayed it further in August by announcing a suspension of its development, until “there was sufficient customer demand”.

If Qatar gives up on it – which may be as much because they have no idea when they’ll get it – then the future of the type is looking very bleak indeed.

They only have ten on order with Emirates having ordered 35. The rumour mill is rife that Emirates is going to have significant order news about the 777-8/9 at November’s Dubai Airshow.

Unless they order a significant number of -8’s the type is looking like a no-go. Will it join the A350-800 in the dustbin of history?