Is Boeing CEO on his way out as United cut MAX from January ops?

With United joining American and Southwest Airlines in cutting 737MAX operations out of January 2020, it seems the saga has finally started to weigh on the man responsible for Boeing’s current predicament.

Chairman and CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg is starting the all but inevitable process of his exit from the company.

He’s just been relieved of his position as Boeing’s Chairman – a role that gives him huge strategic power over the decisions the board make about the entire company. He’s now just CEO and while that’s a major role, it’s a major reduction in his power and authority to shape the company and its ethos.

Muilenburg is considered to be the architect of the company’s massive profits – and the importance of its stock price above all else. Many now regard that strategy as deeply flawed and that it led directly to multiple quality and safety issues across the entire company.

Muilenburg is almost certainly being kept on until the MAX is safely back in service – he caused it and he can fix it, if anything goes wrong he can get the blame.

Once it’s back in service he can be shown the back door no doubt with a multi-million dollar exit package for his trouble.

Either way it looks as though Boeing is looking to change things from the top down.