Airbus delivers the 1000th Neo


If you’re like me you’re probably wondering where the time went as Airbus delivered its 1000th A320 series Neo, an A321 version to Indigo.

Despite a host of engine issues, from cut-outs in flight to restricted altitudes, a recent one where the nose-tail wasn’t correctly balanced, requiring several hundred flights to leave rear seats empty. On top of that component issues with seat suppliers and and several quality issues that made one or two buyers very irritated – you know the ones – Airbus have ramped up production to average close on 40 a month. As a result its not actually that much time at all since the first delivery back in January 2016.

And here we are, 1000 later – and expect it to be even less of a gap between the 1000th and 2000th deliveries…just 22-24 months are likely to pass, especially now that Hamburg Finkenwerder has a new A320 series assembly line to add to the one in Toulouse.