Southwest pilots sue Boeing for $100m over 737Max

You might say as we often did in the U.K. until it’s own litigiousness caught up, that “only in America” could this happen.

Southwest Airlines pilots are suing Boeing for $100 million in lost pay and for distress caused by Boeing’s approach to the 737Max.

Southwest has cancelled 180 flights a day and pilots are convinced the Max won’t be back in service until March next year.

They’re suing on the basis of lost income and earnings opportunities, as well as what amounts to endangerment. The later charge is based on Boeing’s alleged failure to properly design and certify the aircraft based on profit, not safety.

The pilots association wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t think they weren’t getting a result. If it goes to court and Boeing don’t just save the hassle and publicity by settling in a confidential pre-trial settlement, it could be very damaging.

Another assessment for Boeing is that if it went to trial it could reveal other information to aid as many as 21 different legal claims going forward. And that they won’t want. Which is why it’s almost certain every single case will be settled out of court to protect the companies reputation.

In many ways that’s a bad outcome for the rest of the world, as the company will never have to justify itself publicly.