Adria Airways under threat as summer ends

Adria Airways, based in Slovenia is “looking at ways of stabilising operations” – which is basically PR speak for we’re running out of money and need a loan.

The airline has already had to hand back two of its CRJ900’s to leasing companies.

The airline purchased the remains of Darwin from Etihad in 2017. But it ceased operations.

Short lived attempts at specialist routes have met with failure and many routes were closed during 2018-19, leaving the company at the mercy of a few scheduled and a handful of charters.

Adria operates 3 A319’s, 7 CRJ900, 2 CRJ700 and a fleet of 5 Saab 2000’s.

The end of the European summer season seems to be leaving a number of airlines with a shortage of cash and forward bookings into winter are not buoyant. This has been exacerbated by the new E.U. rules on how much forward paid ticket cash the airlines must keep in reserve and not use for daily operations.