SAS Scandinavian A350 new livery

“SAS blandinavian? Is this the best they could do?” Said a graphic designer colleague as soon as he saw the new livery on the A350.

It seems that while it’s not as shockingly dull and bland as Lufthansa is certainly followed a similar path.

Over simplification to meet the needs of apps and social media, along with low resolution imagery for websites, seems to be the rule.

Gone is the red. The fuselage appears to be an off-white, engines silver with a blue rim and darker grey fonts for the SAS Scandinavian – although the SAS is now poster sized.

A full blue tail – a seemingly compulsory design element at present, balances off the blandness.

Is it different? Yes. But is it different enough? Is it really the best anyone could come up with?

It’s not the worst of the new livery generation by far, that still belongs to Lufthansa but it’s one more nail in the variety of European airlines liveries.

These days it seems it’s more desirable to look like the competition than apart from it.

Just another mediocre livery from a cost conscious airline pandering to social media and short attention spans.